Rainbow Loom Poodle

Picture of Rainbow Loom Poodle
PLEASE follow and like!!! HONEST FEEDBACK PLEASE! This is the rainbow loom Poodle! Remember to check for updates! Make sure your loom looks just like the pictures
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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
13, 2:38 PM.jpg
13, 2:38 PM.jpg
13, 3:17 PM.jpg
You will need:
A loom
A hook
Rainbow bands
A clip

Step 2: Colors

Picture of Colors
You could use ANY colors you want but I'm going to use(just replace the colors listed below with your colors):

Purple: fluffy hair/fur
Black: eyes and nose
White: shaved part of fur/hair

Step 3: The Poodle's Legs And Arms

Picture of The Poodle's Legs And Arms
13, 4:43 PM.jpg
13, 4:43 PM.jpg
13, 4:43 PM.jpg
13, 4:43 PM.jpg
13, 4:43 PM.jpg
13, 4:43 PM.jpg
13, 4:43 PM.jpg
13, 4:43 PM.jpg
13, 4:43 PM.jpg
Take a rubber band( I'm using white) and twist it into a figure 8. Then put the two holes of the figure 8 together to form a cap band and place it on two pegs horizontally. The legs and arms are made the same way and all of the rubber bands used for the arms and legs should be going horizontally.Continue placing the rubber bands about 3 more times and add a cap band that is looped on the last peg 3 or 4 times and loop them like the extensions of a rubber band bracelet. Then take it off the loom and place it on a tooth pick. Repeat the steps until you have 2 arms and 2 legs that look the same

Step 4: Beginning

Picture of Beginning
Make sure the arrow(if your using a rainbow loom) of your loom is pointing TOWARDS you.(pointing at you) and place 2 rubber bands(the color of your poodle's fur) on the top and bottom pegs that surround your loom's arrow

Step 5:

Picture of
Now place 2 more on EACH side(make sure it matches the picture!)

Step 6:

Picture of
13, 4:43 PM.jpg
Now (use the color of the poodle's SHAVED fur) place two rubber bands going horizontal in the middle row of pegs( from this point on, you have to double all or your rubber bands) and 1 rubber band on each side

Step 7:

Picture of
13, 4:43 PM.jpg
Now place 1 rubber band from the sides to the middle(remember to double the rubber bands!) diagonally

Step 8: The Poodle's Neck

Picture of The Poodle's Neck
13, 5:12 PM.jpg
Now place 3 rubber bands(instead of doubled it is tripled) in the middle row of pegs

Step 9: We're Doubling The Bands Again!

Picture of We're Doubling The Bands Again!
13, 4:43 PM.jpg
Remember to double the bands again! Place (the color of poodle fur that is NOT shaved) a rubber band from the neck to the right going diagonally then do the same from the neck to the left

I bought these 2 refills and they seem pretty good. Very sturdy:

They sent me PDF booklet with youtube videos on how to make different patterns. Good quality too.

it was really hard. you need better instructions

mgrubbs11 month ago
You weren't being clear and i was really confused.
Newell_Jalynn3 months ago
14, 12:55 PM.jpg

lol yours looks so funny


kawaiilover2 months ago
Don't understand how to do this, blurry pics and no instructions/ words. Plus I saw this on YouTube, it was better. :(
15303shelby3 months ago
I'm just gonna try two bands
15303shelby3 months ago
When u say doubled do u mean figure 8 or two bands ????
Newell_Jalynn3 months ago
is 12 doupleed
nngân (author) 3 months ago
Thx! :D
furby13163 months ago
This was great. I would so try to make it if i had the rubber bands and the time. You had very detailed instructions.
nngân (author) 4 months ago
Sry kind of messed up on this!

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