Rainbow Loom





Introduction: Rainbow Loom

First you have to make sure the loom is like this.

Step 1: Making

You get one rubber band and put on the first two pegs and the 2 rubber band will be on the 2 and 3 pegs and do it all the way down.

Step 2: 3

Then you flip the board over like this.

Step 3: 4

Then get your tool and grab the rubber band and flip it over to the next peg

Step 4: 5

When your done doing it all the way down it looks like this.

Step 5: Done

Add a clip on the rubber band in front of you and you take the rubber bands off of each peg and your done.



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    A fun loom and yes you might be able to buy books about the fun loom

    I have fun loom

    I love ur idea of the creeper bracelet

    That's the same loom my daughter has i believe it's called funloom...does anyone know If there are any sort of loom bracelets pattern books or anything on print i can buy at stores?