Introduction: Rainbow Loom Bead Flower Charm

Picture of Rainbow Loom Bead Flower Charm

For this charm you will need..
-6 beads
-6 flower color bands
-9 bands for the back of the flower

Step 1: Making the Bead Bands

Picture of Making the Bead Bands

Take a single flower color band and slide a bead onto it. You will need six of these. We will use these later

Step 2: Adding Bands.

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Now we will add the bands on the looms. These bands are the bands that hold our flower. These bands will be the bands on the back of the flower and you can't see them. So it doesn't matter what color you use. Look at the chart. Look at the numbers and go in the same order. For the cap band in the center, wrap a single band two-three times.

Step 3: Hooking Process

Picture of Hooking Process

Now just hook. Start by hooking the beads. Go under the cap band and hook. Look at the chart. Hook from the biggest number to the smallest number. For the last band that goes in the center, that is your slip knot. Then just take off your creation! (When you take off your charm, turn it around to see the charm)

Step 4: We're Done!

Picture of We're Done!

You can do so many different patterns with this charm. Look at my charms in the pic for inspiration and hope you show me your own by pic.:-)


Bubblegum8389 (author)2015-04-09

this was t much help :( I made one but it didn't look the same. You could have added pictures of the placement of bands. I'm not trying to be mean, the flower is still cute but you should have added more pics

ArtProdigy12 (author)2014-12-24

I love mine! Thanks!!

105415 (author)2014-07-27


Abigail02 (author)2014-07-27

That is such cute idea!!!

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