Step 1: Adjusting Loom

Step 2: Placing Perimeter Bands

Step 3: Placing More Band

Keep repeating pattern till the 12th middle peg

Step 4: 12th Middle Peg

Step 5: Placing Cap Band

Step 6: Looping

Step 7: Rip It Off and Add Ur Extension

<p>I love that this site still has WRITTEN instructions with good photos. But I have to say, the photo of the looping diagram looks like it got cut off. While I will attempt the bracelet using what's here, I would be incredibly helpful if you could either put up a better image of the diagram, or break the looping into several different steps with clear photos of each step.</p>
<p>Nice! Keep up the good work!</p>
<p>mine is nicer than what you haved done </p>
This is how to make the totem pole bracelet. <br>This is what I ended up with.
I don't fully understand how to do the looping. Otherwise this was great and looks awesome!
this is how you make a totem pole but each row you use one color <strong><em><u><sup>lol</sup></u></em></strong> so there is no difference just color.
I Have a Royal Loom and rainbow loom

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