Rainbow Loom Bird of Paradise Bracelet





Introduction: Rainbow Loom Bird of Paradise Bracelet

Step 1: Adjusting Loom

Step 2: Placing Perimeter Bands

Step 3: Placing More Band

Keep repeating pattern till the 12th middle peg

Step 4: 12th Middle Peg

Step 5: Placing Cap Band

Step 6: Looping

Step 7: Rip It Off and Add Ur Extension



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    I love that this site still has WRITTEN instructions with good photos. But I have to say, the photo of the looping diagram looks like it got cut off. While I will attempt the bracelet using what's here, I would be incredibly helpful if you could either put up a better image of the diagram, or break the looping into several different steps with clear photos of each step.

    mine is nicer than what you haved done

    This is how to make the totem pole bracelet.
    This is what I ended up with.

    14, 8:51 PM.jpg

    I don't fully understand how to do the looping. Otherwise this was great and looks awesome!

    this is how you make a totem pole but each row you use one color lol so there is no difference just color.

    I Have a Royal Loom and rainbow loom