Introduction: Rainbow Loom Bracelet

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This is NOT a beginner bracelet!

Step 1:

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Start with the arrows facing away from you

Step 2:

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Step 3:

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Follow step 2 all the way up the loom

Step 4:

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Do step 2 on the other side as well

Step 5:

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This is what the loom should look like so far

Step 6:

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Of a coloured band of your choice, make a triangle shape on both sides, do that all the way up

Step 7:

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That is what it should look like

Step 8:

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Make a cap band but instead of twisting it 2 times, twist it 3 times

Step 9:

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Put the cap band on the first one with the arrows still facing away from you

Step 10:

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Follow step 9 all the way up, this is what your loom should look like now

Step 11:

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At the very end put a cap band on

Step 12:

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Hook the triangles to their outside looms

Step 13:

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Like so..

Step 14:

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Do that on both sides all the way up

Step 15:

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Step 16:

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Now hook the outside band like you would do with all rainbow loom bracelets

Step 17:

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Follow step 16 all the way up and do the same on the other side

Step 18:

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That is what you should have now

Step 19:

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Add a c or s clip

Step 20:

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Now go under and attach a new band the same colour as the boarder

Step 21:

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Pull the bands of the loom and add an extension cord.


mazzy mitchell (author)2014-10-17

On the rainbow loom website, this is called a Confetti Criss-Cross.

Erin fordham (author)2014-08-02

I think this is so cool I love it . It is fun to make.

madisonmcburney (author)2014-03-02

What is it called

ang2289 (author)madisonmcburney2014-07-26

its called a firecracker

lexer_brown (author)2014-06-12

U need to be more detailed on step 6 I don't get it

sammy273 (author)lexer_brown2014-06-14

i know

Summa luva (author)2014-05-29

That one is real hard for me!!!!!

I started it, but one of the rubber bands broke!!!!!!!!! :|:|:(:( I nearly cried & crushed my loom at the same time!!!! :)

MissMaker (author)Summa luva2014-05-31

One of my bands broke as well ! But I managed to fix it I think my band broke at step :17

Mines prob gonna fail anyway :(

I feel your pain x

moe48418 (author)2014-05-05

Very cute and easy!!

hscw (author)2014-03-02

I forgot what it's called

hscw (author)2014-02-24

I don't know what it's called, sorry

Newell_Jalynn (author)2014-02-24

um?whats it called?

Newell_Jalynn (author)2014-02-24

so cool i will have to try that one day

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