Introduction: Rainbow Loom Bracelet Without Loom

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This is a fun and easier way to do rainbow loom.

Step 1: Get Materials

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You will need:
1. Rainbow loom rubber bands
2. C clips

Step 2: Make the Bracelet

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Start by getting a rubber band and twist it once. Put it on your index finger and your middle finger.

Step 3: Make It

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After you have put the first rubber band on, put another one on your fingers but don't twist it. Then, you take the bottom rubber band and put it over you finger.

Step 4: End It

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Put another rubber band on and don't twist it. Like last time, take the bottom rubber band and put it over. Keep continuing this until it is about the size of your wrist.

Step 5: C Clips

Picture of C Clips

Connect each rubber band with one c clip in all.


awesomness1234 (author)2014-06-13

Easiest bracelet ever

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