Rainbow Loom Bracelet (with Fingers)





Introduction: Rainbow Loom Bracelet (with Fingers)

Fishtail Style making is very easy which can be done on our 2 Fingers.This only makes it is easy because we would not need a loom kit.
And this would be very cool on this coming Friendship Day!

(1) Stretchable
(2) WaterProof
(3) Your Own Custom Designs!
(4) Cheap

So, Why not Make it :D ?

Step 1: Things Needed

Simple things!
Colored Rubber Bands
And U Clips Only!

Step 2: Add the Bottom Band

Twist this band into infinity sign or like 8 .

Step 3: Add 2 New Rubber Bands

Add 2 new rubber bands on top of black.Pick the Black rubber band side and release them in top of 2 new rubber bands

Step 4: Again, Add 1 More and Repeat

Add one more rubber band. And Keep on Repeating Steps 3 and 4

Step 5: Half Way Made....

So this will look like this.and Keep on making till you reach your wrist size.

Step 6: At the End....

At the end there will be a opening so hold it firmly because if left then whole loom is gone! So hold firmly and put the both ends in u clip.

Give this cool Bracelet to your friend or your cousins they will sure like it!



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    hi u from india

    Hi. Ayush Sharma. You make. Them. On. Finger loom

    How you make them. On. The. Finger

    If you think I am trying to brag I am honestly not onedirectionlovelouis. I am just 10 years and made 10 of those in 5 minutes

    Hi. How make. Them. Finger

    It is Like a Music Rhythm and once you memorize it like a song it is not Difficult.

    Happy Looming! :)