Fishtail Style making is very easy which can be done on our 2 Fingers.This only makes it is easy because we would not need a loom kit.
And this would be very cool on this coming Friendship Day!

(1) Stretchable
(2) WaterProof
(3) Your Own Custom Designs!
(4) Cheap

So, Why not Make it :D ?

Step 1: Things Needed

Simple things!
Colored Rubber Bands
And U Clips Only!

Step 2: Add the Bottom Band

Twist this band into infinity sign or like 8 .

Step 3: Add 2 New Rubber Bands

Add 2 new rubber bands on top of black.Pick the Black rubber band side and release them in top of 2 new rubber bands

Step 4: Again, Add 1 More and Repeat

Add one more rubber band. And Keep on Repeating Steps 3 and 4

Step 5: Half Way Made....

So this will look like this.and Keep on making till you reach your wrist size.

Step 6: At the End....

At the end there will be a opening so hold it firmly because if left then whole loom is gone! So hold firmly and put the both ends in u clip.

Give this cool Bracelet to your friend or your cousins they will sure like it!

<p>If you think I am trying to brag I am honestly not onedirectionlovelouis. I am just 10 years and made 10 of those in 5 minutes</p>
<p>It hard as to do </p>
<p>It is Like a Music Rhythm and once you memorize it like a song it is not Difficult.</p><p>Happy Looming! :)</p>
<p>hi u from india</p>
Hi, Yes i am from India.
me to
<p>Good... from which State?</p>
<p>Done i made the first time on my fingers</p>
<p>Nice.. :) I Hope you Enjoyed it...</p>
<p>thanks just wanted to ask can we use any clip right ?</p>
I like the idea of using a paper clip
<p>C Clip was not available anywhere near my house so was forced to use paper clip but the result was fantastic and all my friends liked it too! They told me too make more for them. :P</p><p>Thanks for a nice comment!</p>
Yeah it looks like its actually a part of the bracelet compared to the clips which dont actually look as good anyway and they're much cheaper so i would definitely do this, your welcome
<p>I am too happy that i have a Instructable featured! </p><p>Thanks, Instructables Community!</p>
<p>Nice photos! </p>
<p>Thanks for a Nice Comment!</p>

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