Rainbow Loom Bracelet




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Introduction: Rainbow Loom Bracelet

Rainbow loom is used to make bracelets with little rubber bands. First, you take the loom out of the box. Second, start from the side with the arrow pointing forward. Third, lay the first rubber band. Fourth, lay the second rubber band. Fifth, continue laying the rubber bands until you reach the end. Sixth, turn the rainbow loom to the other side so that the arrows are pointing towards you. Use the hook to pick up the second rubber band. Seventh, pull it up to release it from the pin. Loop it onto the pin in front of it. Eighth,Take the third rubber band and loop it onto the next pin. Repeat until you reach the other side of the loom. Loop the last rubber band onto the adjacent pin. Secure the last rubber band with a "c" clip and remove it from the loom. Secure the other end with the "c" clip. Enjoy!!



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