Picture of Rainbow Loom Butterfly
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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
13, 7:16 PM.jpg
13, 7:16 PM.jpg

Step 2: Beginning

Picture of Beginning
Now that you have your materials out, grab a (any color)rubber band and place it from the diagonally from left to right.

Step 3:

Picture of
After you placed the first rubber band, place the second from the top of your first rubber band, forward

Step 4:

Picture of
Then put another rubber band from the top of your second rubber band diagonally from right to left

Step 5:

Picture of
After you do that, do the same to the other side

Step 6:

Picture of
13, 7:16 PM.jpg
Now that you've done both sides(make sure it looks like a hexagon), grab a different colored rubber band(this is going to be the butterfly's wings) and twist it into a figure 8

Step 7:

Picture of
13, 7:16 PM.jpg
Then place the figure 8 two pegs so that it looks like the picture. After you do that place another one so that both 8s are in the hexagon

Step 8: The Next Butterfly

Picture of The Next Butterfly
After you finished with the 8s(wings), you will have to start another butterfly. To start, add a different colored rubber band diagonally(like the 1st butterfly)

Step 9:

Picture of
13, 7:16 PM.jpg
Now that you started the second butterfly, do what you did for the first butterfly

Step 10: Colors

You could keep repeating the same colors OR you could do ALL of the butterflies with different colors

Step 11:

Picture of
Keep repeating with all of the butterflies until you've reached the top of the loom with only two pegs(top left and top right) left

Step 12: Cap Band

Picture of Cap Band
13, 7:16 PM.jpg
Now it's time to add a cap band! Make a figure 8 with a rubber band( I prefer black or the same colored band as the rubber bands your placing it on) any color you want and put the figure 8 together to make an O that has been doubled

Step 13: Placing The Cap Band

Picture of Placing The Cap Band
13, 7:17 PM.jpg
After making the cap band( the doubled O), place it on the top band in the middle row

Step 14: Now It's Time For Looping

Picture of Now It's Time For Looping
13, 7:17 PM.jpg
13, 7:17 PM.jpg
Grab your hook and flip the loom so that the holes and arrow is facing you
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Thanx for the suggestion @happysmileygirl12
Use last photo for front page because it is clearer
Thank you. Good guide. Good bracelet.
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Really cute!
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Thx! :)
hey good intructables