I have to admit it, I don't own my own loom. But my daughters both received ones for Christmas two weeks ago, and I have been stealing away with it when they go to bed, or are off at school during the day!

These last few evenings, I decided to reverse engineer a bracelet I saw my daughter wearing from her friend's mom. It looked like a cute caterpillar wrapping itself around her wrist. When I asked how it was made, she said her friend didn't know how it was made, her mom just created it one day.

I loved the cute simplicity of the neon green caterpillar on the solid black bracelet, but wouldn't it be neat, I thought, if I could make a caterpillar that resembled the monarch caterpillar in nature? And then on the other end of the spectrum, what about creating the fictitious "Very Hungry Caterpillar" with all his foodie charms hanging off the bracelet as well!

Step 1: Choose Your Caterpillar and Bracelet Colors

I found a loom bracelet design on the interweb called the "Single Rhombus." This is the basis of the caterpillar bracelet. It is considered an "easy" pattern by the band looming community.

It took some trial and error to figure out which part of the design became the caterpillar's body and head, and which became the bracelet, so I created a couple of layouts to show how to arrange your colors on the loom if you want to create a neon green caterpillar, or a monarch caterpillar, or even the "Very Hungry Caterpillar" (V.H.C. for short).

Feel free to choose different caterpillar designs/colors than my examples.  They are just for you to see which part of the loom becomes which part of the bracelet. For this tutorial, I will be using the V.H.C. color scheme to lead you through the example bracelet.
How many hours did it take
<p>Wow its an amazing bracelet how do you came up with this its fantastic </p>
<p>Thank you for this bracelet i love it</p>
<p>That's cool! The instructions are very detailed so everybody can understand them!</p>
<p>WOW!! i can't believe you made this up :) i like the way you told us how to do the bracelet &amp; the way you told us the colors. Following you :D</p>
this is cool! So creative! hey, i like the fruit! check out my veggie instructable!
Thanks! I saw your veggie bracelet tutorial when I was working on my fruit charms--very creative of you! I think the charms are more complicated than the bracelet designs, so kudos to you for inventing them.
Thanks! Your tutorial is so neat and instructive! (I don't have that gift) Maybe I'll make one... I voted for this, it's so cool and clever!
Thank you very much! Right back at ya--I voted for your tutorial too.
Oh thanks! I entered my 'able way to late...
<p>ahhh, but I disagree . . . there is no such thing as entering too late when it comes to an instructable contest (unless the contest has closed, of course)! The important thing was to get your tutorial published. Even if it was the last entry received and posted, if they see something special about it, the judges will select it as a finalist. I'll think you'll be just fine!</p>
<p>Thanks! I really really wanted to enter the sew warm contest too but there's like 1 day left lol</p>

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