Picture of Rainbow Loom Chain Bracelet
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Step 1: Getting Your Supplies

Picture of Getting Your Supplies
You will need any loom in the v configuration, a hook, 25 bands, and a c or s clip. Let's get started!

Step 2: Placing Bands

Picture of Placing Bands
Start by taking a single rubber band, and place it from the first peg to the bottom peg

Step 3:

Picture of
Place another band from the bottom peg to the next top peg

Step 4:

Picture of
Do this for the rest of the loom

Step 5:

Picture of
Flip your loom to the other side

Step 6: Looping The Bands

Picture of Looping The Bands
Start by looping the band from the second to last peg to the next peg. Be sure to hold down the bands so they won't pop off.

Step 7:

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Reach under the peg that the last band was just looped to, and grab the bottom band. Loop it to the next peg.

Step 8:

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Do this to the rest of the loom.

Step 9: Pulling Off The Bracelet

Picture of Pulling Off The Bracelet
Place your clip on the last band on the last peg.

Step 10:

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Pull off your bracelet, and secure your clip to the loose band on the other side.
you messed up on a couple

Nice job, I like the black and white color scheme :) It reminds me of zebra stripes!