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Introduction: Rainbow Loom Cherry Charm

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This charm is pretty easy to make. You will need to make two of these if you want to make a twin cherry charm as shown in the picture.
You will need:
-11 red bands
-1 green band

Step 1: Adding the Bands.

Have your loom with the arrows pointing up. Look at the pics to add the bands.... It's super easy!!
Don't forget, DOUBLE BANDS!

Step 2: Cap Band

Place a cap band on the last peg. Wrap around two-three times. Then turn your loom around so you are ready to hook.

Step 3: Hooking Process.

Look at the pics. To start go under the cap band and start hooking. At the end use a green band for the slip knot. Then just take it off the loom.

Step 4: You're Done!

To make a twin cherry charm, just make another cherry and tie the stems together! Please follow and show me your own charm! Thx for watching!

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I messed up but it's sort of cute.

Thank you everyone! @onedirectionlovelouis @rosalynn @artprodigy12 @issymckia4756

i luv it thanks!! su cute ; )

That's my 3d cat charm. If u want to see it go to my charm collection II instructable

what that green thing on the last pic

Thx peach girl :)

they look good but we are away and i have not got my loom!!!

No probs