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Introduction: Rainbow Loom Collection 1

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Today I will show you my charm collection and I will teach you how to make your own!

Step 1: Making Your Own!

Making a Charm collection as big as mine can take a while. But.. With a little effort you can have one! Just make lots of charms and gather them. You should count them and notice how your collection is growing!:-) I will tell you what channel on youtube each charm is from. (The channels are the titles of each step)

Step 2: MadeByMommy

I learned all my charms from Youtube. I will show you each and will tell you who made it (the channel). My first couple charms are from the MadebyMommy channel on youtube. The duck, swirled lollipop, and the tuxedo.

Step 3: Elegant Fashion 360

These charms are from the Elegantfashion360 channel. Hello kitty ballerina, chair, fish, baby penguin, soda bottles, turtle, letter M, strawberry, and dress.

Step 4: DIY Mommy

I only have one charm from DIY Mommy. It's an octopus:-)

Step 5: TutorialsByA

Here are charms from the TutorialsByA. Ariel, Cinderella, Rapunzel, and the pig.

Step 6: Marloomz Creations

These charms are from the Marloomz Creations channel. The snakes, the fuzzy, bunnies, and the tiger.

Step 7: That's It!

Those are all my charms I hope you make these too from youtube and have your own collection:-)



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Does it show how to make the snake, or am I missing something?


I'm gonna make instructable said for the, starting Tuesday

can you make instructables for them or I will un follow you

I will make a snake tutorial:-)

ATTENTION VIEWERS. Don't forget to check out my part two collection! I made a new instructable showing my new charms! I will publish it today at 11:00 pm Aug. 21

1 reply

show me how to make the snakes please there soooooo cool

can you make a tutorial of hello kitty

Cool!:-) thx for showing me

Umm I think that when you get on YouTube there will be a little box with an arrow going out of it and then when you press it there will be some options... I think

How do u upload videos I'm on a iPad

How do u upload videos I'm on a ipad

Oh sounds like a good idea