Introduction: Rainbow Loom Collection II

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Today I will be showing you all my new charms. This is my part two of my collection. Don't forget to check out part one of my collection! (Can be found on my profile page) I will tell you how you can make these (youtube channels) and how to make your own collection.the youtube channels are the titles of each step.

Step 1: Made by Mommy

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These are charms from the made by mommy channel on youtube. (Look at the pics) I have the beaded flowers, hashtag, cupcake, baby hand, infinity sign, sweater, and smiley face charm.

Step 2: Marloomz Creations

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These are all charms from the marloomz creations channel on youtube. The backpack, the twin babies, traffic light, and the cloud with the raindrop. Look at the pics.

Step 3: DIY Mommy

Picture of DIY Mommy

These are charms from the DIY mommy channel on youtube. The baby lion, the dollar sign, the parrot, Pluto the dog, and the cat.

Step 4: Elegant Fashion 360

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This is the charm made from the Elegantfashion360 channel on youtube. The iPhone charm.

Step 5: Tutorials by A

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These are charms made from Tutorials By A. The gymnast, tinker bell, Snow White, Aurora (Sleeping Beauty), and the girl.

Step 6: My Charms

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These are charms I made myself. The Popsicle ice cream, the magic wand, and the baby bottles.

Step 7: My Charm Collection!

Picture of My Charm Collection!

Make your own charm collection and show me a picture on my comment page. Please comment and follow:)


R1234567890 (author)2015-11-02


So craftistic (author)2015-08-01

hi will you please make the hashtag,the ugly sweater, and the smiley face. thanx and you are very creative don't let anyone take that.

105415 (author)2015-06-29


105415 (author)2015-06-29

Please read my info board on my profile! If you want me to make any of these charms in this instructable please request it and I will try to make it asap!:)

105415 (author)2014-09-23

Sure! I'll do an instructable during the weekend. I don't have so much time anymore because theres school now. Thx:)

105415 (author)2014-09-23

Sure! I'll do an instructable during the weekend. I don't have so much time anymore because theres school now. Thx:)

happy girl (author)2014-09-18

can you make a tutorial of cupcake and smiley face charm? if it is ok for you

105415 (author)2014-09-06

Hope you like my part two collection:)

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