Rainbow Loom Cross Charm





Introduction: Rainbow Loom Cross Charm

Heyo! This is my tutorial on how to make a Cross Charm! This is my original design, I hope you enjoy it!


- 30 bands (any color! I think brown, gray or yellow is best)

- Hook

- Loom (in staggered position)

Ready? Onto Step 1!

Step 1: Placing Bands

That's what it should look like when your'e done placing the bands. Don't forget to place a cap band! To do so, (if you don't know how) take a band, wrap it around 2-4 times, and place it on the last peg. Note: Use double bands on all the bands but the cap band.

Step 2: Hooking Bands

When your'e done hooking, this is what it should look like: Now it's time for the slip knot. First, stick your hook through the bands on the post. Slide a band through the bands on the post with your hook. Then, place the big loop on the bottom on your hook. Take the bottom loop on your hook, pull it off, and tighten. Repeat on other posts.

Step 3: Finishing Up

Now your slip knots are done, so we can take it off the loom. When you take it off it looks like this: To get those other slip knots out of the way, we're gonna do this. Twist the slip knot around about 5-8 times. Loop it over on the bands. Repeat on the other side, not the top.

Step 4: Your'e Done

Your'e done! I hope you enjoyed this tutorial!



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Hey loomers! I have a big surprise! I just published an instructable on a triple single for the monster tail loom!

Hey are you a pokemon fan

Hey are you a pokemon fan

Hey are you a pokemon fan

Hey are you a pokemon fan

I have made crosses before but I did it different check out my account to see how I made them

Awesome design, it turned out lovely with the silver bands! Thanks for sharing!

I forgot to say, u place five bands on the bottom, not three. I had changed that pic, but i accidentally deleted it.