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Step 1: Needed


Step 2: Starting!

Make sure(if you're using the rainbow loom) your arrow is pointing AWAY from you! Place your first rainbow band from the bottom peg in the middle row to the bottom peg in the left row. Do the same to the right!

Step 3:

Now place another rubber band from your first rubber band to the middle row going diagonally

Step 4:

Now repeat steps 2 and 3 until you reach the top

Step 5:

Now take one of the top rubber bands off(either one works it doesn't matter)

Step 6: Now to Start Looping

Now flip your loom over so that your arrow is pointing AT you

Step 7:

Now reach into your last rubber band and and pull the top rubber band and loop it over to the peg to the left then do the same to the right

Step 8:

Now reach into the rubber band you looped first. Pull the rubber band and loop it on the middle peg diagonally. Do the same to the other side.

Step 9:

Do the same until you reach the top of the loom!

Step 10:

Now reach into the top rubber band and place a rubber band on the hook. Then pull the rubber band so that the rubber band is half in the rubber band it's in and half out.

Step 11:

Now pull the rubber bands off and place a hook on one end of the rubber bands. Then connect the clip to the other end too.

Step 12: Done!!!

Now your done!! PLEASE like and/or follow! ;D
Thanx for the feedback @screamingfeline
Thanx @aliyah.haq
<p>i love it its amazing what you can do with a bunch of coloured bands</p>
<p>Check this Diamond Bracelet made using TRENDXLOOM Silicone Loom Bands Colours!</p><p>http://www.trendxloom.com/#!Diamond-Loom-Bracelet-Easy-effective-mesmerizing-and-captivating-Loom-style-bracelet/c10j/7D4F5901-4E1C-4EC3-BDDE-A26B255FCBDD</p>
<p>Worked great, looks awesome! Thank you!</p>
@peachgirl no I'm not elegant fashion 360, why?
awesome ?
nngan are you elagent fashion 360
<p>I made this , It is very beautiful!! mine's is purple and blue, so cool</p>
<p>Okay so I have a different kit to you and it was easy to start with but it started to get confusing so I couldn't do it </p>
<p>Okay so I have a different kit to you and it was easy to start with but it started to get confusing so I couldn't do it </p>
this was so helpful. Got it right on my 2nd try. Thanks!
There's a video for it on YouTube if you r still having trouble! Sry for the confusion! :(
Either way is fine!
hi i love this one but i keep messing up ! when putting tge bands on do you put the left or right band first

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