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Step 1: Needed

Thanx for the feedback @screamingfeline
Thanx @aliyah.haq
<p>i love it its amazing what you can do with a bunch of coloured bands</p>
<p>Check this Diamond Bracelet made using TRENDXLOOM Silicone Loom Bands Colours!</p><p>http://www.trendxloom.com/#!Diamond-Loom-Bracelet-Easy-effective-mesmerizing-and-captivating-Loom-style-bracelet/c10j/7D4F5901-4E1C-4EC3-BDDE-A26B255FCBDD</p>
<p>Worked great, looks awesome! Thank you!</p>
@peachgirl no I'm not elegant fashion 360, why?
awesome ?
nngan are you elagent fashion 360
<p>I made this , It is very beautiful!! mine's is purple and blue, so cool</p>
<p>Okay so I have a different kit to you and it was easy to start with but it started to get confusing so I couldn't do it </p>
<p>Okay so I have a different kit to you and it was easy to start with but it started to get confusing so I couldn't do it </p>
<p>I bought these 2 refills and they seem pretty good. Very sturdy:</p><p><a href="http://www.amazon.com/1000-Rainbow-Rubber-Bands-Refill/dp/B00G8FGRCG/ie=UTF8?m=AWUG75A0QJGB8&keywords=rainbow+loom+rubber+band+refill" rel="nofollow">http://www.amazon.com/1000-Rainbow-Rubber-Bands-Re...</a></p><p><a href="http://www.amazon.com/Rainbow-Rubber-Refill-S-Clips-C-Clips/dp/B00HU5BJY4/ie=UTF8?m=AWUG75A0QJGB8&keywords=rainbow+loom+rubber+band+refill" rel="nofollow">http://www.amazon.com/Rainbow-Rubber-Refill-S-Clip...</a> </p><p>They sent me PDF booklet with youtube videos on how to make different patterns. Good quality too.</p>
this was so helpful. Got it right on my 2nd try. Thanks!
There's a video for it on YouTube if you r still having trouble! Sry for the confusion! :(
Either way is fine!
hi i love this one but i keep messing up ! when putting tge bands on do you put the left or right band first

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