Rainbow Loom Disk Braclet?





Introduction: Rainbow Loom Disk Braclet?

Step 1: Beginning

Make sure u flip your loom around then Get a band that is going to be in the middle of your bracelet.

Step 2: Step Two

Then get three rubber bands then put them on the second peg two the third peg

Step 3: Step Three

Then go till u get to the end of the loom

Step 4: Step Four

Then when your done go to the second peg to the first one

Step 5: Step Five

Then do the same to the next one

Step 6: Step Six

Then do the same that you did in the beginning

Step 7: Step Seven

Then put a caping band on and wrap it two times

Step 8: Step Eight

Then hook

Step 9: Step Nine

Then take it off

Step 10: Finished

Then your done hope u enjoy it



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    This Bracelet is very cool but tricky but I made it and I love it :) :D

    This bracelet is actually called the Triple Link Chain, but you can call it a disk or whatever you wanna call it

    you know what they say old toaster toast toast

    Thats cool i hope i can make it one time.