Rainbow Loom Fishtail




Introduction: Rainbow Loom Fishtail

How to make the rainbow loom fishtail bracelet

Step 1: Get Your Loom

Any loom will work, even this cheap loom from FunLoom

Step 2: Start With One Blue Band

Step 3: Then Twist It Like So

Step 4: Then Add Your Second One Over

Step 5: Add One More Band on Top

Step 6: Grab the Blue Band

Step 7: Pull It Over Not Through

Step 8: Make Sure to Do the Other Side Too! It Should Look Like This!

Step 9: Add a White Band Now

Step 10: Do the Same You Did With the Blue Band

Step 11: It Should Look Like This

Step 12: Add Another Band the Do It Again!

Step 13: It Should Look Like This

Step 14: Keeping Doing That!

Step 15: Tie It Like This at the End and You Done!



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    That looks cute :)