Easy way to do a fishtail bracelet anywhere.

Step 1: Materials

All you need is
Your choice of colors of rubber bands
and a C or S clip

Step 2:

Put the first color rubber band on a figure eight on your two fingers. Put another one like it and then another one without the twist.

Step 3:

Take the bottom band and bring one side over your finger into the middle and do the same with the other side.

Step 4:

Repeat step 3 while adding another rubber band on the top so there will always be three rubber bands on your fingers. But remember not to do any more twists.

Step 5:

Keep doing this until your bracelet is the desired length.

Step 6: Done!

Clip it together and wear it!

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This took a while but it is easy
<p>um sweetheart9788 you did it wrong it supposed to look like this</p>
<p>yay this is epic never ever find any other do it on fingers for loom bands! <u>THANKS SO MUCH</u> </p>
<p>this is great welldone</p>
<p>no it's very hard...grrrrrrrrrrrrr</p>
<p>nop its great</p>
no its not hardddd try
easy peazy lemon squeezy pizza cheezy made a ring<br>
<p>well its not so hard just try it</p>
<p>sheesh its sooooo hard</p>
<p>sheesh its sooooo hard</p>
Good effort but please do also put some effort to cut your finger nails :) :D
I love bracelets and necklaces
<p>Great for when you go somewhere like to the park or other situations where you can't/forgot to take a loom. Jailmeat is another scenario where you aren't allowed to have hooks and such. Psych hospital patients would also benefit from this as it is yet another scenario where tools aren't often allowed.</p><p> Besides these scenarios, I tried it out for the fun of it and LOVED it. I wish I would have known of this before I got my loom. A couple tries and a couple rereads and I got it right. YOU ROCK!</p>
Hi ky ky
Thank you!
<p>Very cool! I don't even need a kit. Nice. </p>
That's so pretty don't forget to look at mine
So pretty look at mine and follow me!!
thats amazing
Wow that looks pretty and fun to make :D
We are very thrilled to be on the featured page!

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