Really Easy!

Step 1: Get Your Rubber Bands Ready!

Choose the rubber bands you want in your bracelet.

Step 2:

Figure 8

Step 3:

Put 2 bands on top (non- crossed)

Step 4:

Pick the bottom band with the pick and put it on top.

Step 5:

Put another one on top (not twisted) and do it again

Step 6:

Keep on doing this until you get it long enough

Step 7:

Take it off and clip the two ends together

Step 8:

<p>This is a great friendship bracelet for a last minute gift! </p>
<p>Hi Everyone!</p><p>Who agrees that this is the best way to make a fishtale? I certainly do, big thumbs up from me. ? </p><p>-Littlemissdotty123.xxx</p>
<p>i luv it so much! it looks neat n also feels comfortable when wearing. thumbs up! :D :)</p>
good discription :)
<p>It is the least frustating one i've made</p>
look simple...!i'm gonna make it...thanks
<p>This is the easiest design I've seen yet! Very nice</p>
thanks so much man:-)
cool <br>
This is my favorite kind of rainbow loom bracelet to make!

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