Rainbow Loom Fishtail


Introduction: Rainbow Loom Fishtail

This is what the fishtail bracelet looks like

Step 1:

Take one of your rubber bands and twist it into an eight

Step 2:

Then place it on the loom

Step 3:

Add a rubber band that is NOT twisted into an eight

Step 4:

Add another rubber band

Step 5:

Take your hook and loom the twisted band up

Step 6:

Looks like this ; now do the other side

Step 7:

Looks like this when finished

Step 8:

Add another rubber band;Remember that you need to have three rubber bands on the loom to hook it

Step 9:

Repeat steps 6&7

Step 10:

After a while your bracelet will get longer

Step 11:

Once it is long enough take it off the loom

Step 12:

Seal it with a c-clip

Step 13:

Looks like this

Step 14:

Now do the other side to finish it off

Step 15:

Your finished!!!!!!!



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    It sure is cool and fun!@!!!!!!