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Introduction: Rainbow Loom Fuzzy Charm

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Today I will be showing you this cute Fuzzy charm!
You need...
- 30 main color rubber bands (color of fuzzy)
- 2 black bands ( eyes)
- 3 bands ( optional for bow)

Step 1: The Eyes!

For this step we will make the eyes. When you are done put the eyes to the side because we will use them later. Wrap a black band around your hook 4-3 times. That is one eye. Wrap another eye. Then get a single band ( the color of your fuzzy) and put the eyes on that band.

Step 2: Let's Get Started!

Set your loom with the arrows pointing toward you. We will be using double bands for this charm. Look at the pictures......

Step 3: Cap Band!

Place a cap band on the last peg in the center. Wrap it around the peg three times.

Step 4: Adding the Eyes!

Ok... Get your main color band and twist it twice. Then place it three pegs down. Then place the eyes on top. Seperate the eyes. Take the middle and put it on the peg above. (Look in the picture it will make sense.) Then add on last band ( triangle band) above the eyes.

Step 5: Hooking Process!

We are nearly there!!... Now just start hooking. Go under the cap band and hook the top two bands. Then just hook the whole thing! At the end do a slip knot. To do that, go through all the bands with your hook and grab a single band and pull it through. Put one band over the other and pull. (Look at pic)

Step 6: FUZZY!

Your fuzzy is complete just take it off the loom and your done!
(For the bow just wrap a single band around two bands and attach it with a c clip.)

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Uh...What's a fuzzy? Otherwise,great instructable! :)

I LOVE IT????????????????????????

I loved it and I made 24 of them!

Thanks everyone!:)

made one for my bro he luved it

only 3 words to say: I LUV IT!!!!!

PS thanks!!!

i love the fuzzes!


awesome I have made it soooo cute


I put bows in lots of my charms lol;-P look at my rainbow loom collection tutorial and you'll see what I mean;-)

Sorry I didn't think they were that blurry. I took pics on my ipad. But you should be able to see what I'm doing perfectly fine... Sorry

not the best tuttorial to follow. the pics were blurry. cute fuzzy tho!

Your fuzzy is cute!