Picture of Rainbow Loom Ghost Charm
Your materials. You will need 45 clear or while bands, 2 black bands, and 1 band of your colors choice. You'll also need a looming hook, i recommend a metal one.
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Step 1: Looming

Picture of Looming
Make sure your loom half circles are facing towards you.

Step 2: The Left Side, Right Side, and Middle

Picture of The Left Side, Right Side, and Middle
Double bands down 7 times on left side and right side. (pic 1)
Double bands down the middle 6 times. (pic 2)

Step 3: Triangles

Picture of Triangles
Place five triangles single point upwards with single band's each.

Step 4: Capping

Picture of Capping
Place a matching cap on each of the three bottom pegs.(I'm using clear.)

Step 5: Eyes

Picture of Eyes
Make two black caps. (pic 1)Put one on the left side of the THIRD triangle. Do the same with the right side of the same triangle. (pic 2) Now this might get tricky for some so bare with me. Put your hook on the inside of one of the black eyes and grab the single clear (or white) band and pull it up. (be cadre not to let the other two sides of the triangle come off their pegs! )(pic 3) Now pull the black cap off the peg and place the clear band back on its peg. (pic 4) Do the same with the other eye and your loom should look just like mine. (pic 5)

Step 6: Time To Get It Together!

Picture of Time To Get It Together!
Start looming from the bottom left by going behind the cap you placed earlier and go all the way to the top. (pic 1) Do the same with the middle and the right side as well. (pic 2) NOTE: Even with the single band triangles, go behind them and just hook the double band to raise it and put it on its corrisponding peg.

Step 7: The Top

Picture of The Top
Once you get to the top, put your hook through the right bands and bring them over to the middle. (pic 1&2) Do the same with the left side bands so that the top row of bands are all in the center peg. (pic 3)
mazzy mitchell made it!8 months ago

How cute! I made mine with glow in the dark.

shorning19 months ago
really simple and fun! made mine with UV bands making a couple more to hang in the windows!
ghost family complete.

perfect for halloween ^^

RAYZORWIRE (author)  anin carmelittes9 months ago
I will be making a Halloween charm bracelet or of all these charms. did you make it? may I see it?
i'll be making one this weekend maybe and will be posting too a new instructable.....(a bit busy with work though that's why i can't do charms anytime -_-)