Picture of Rainbow Loom Ghost Charm
Your materials. You will need 45 clear or while bands, 2 black bands, and 1 band of your colors choice. You'll also need a looming hook, i recommend a metal one.

Step 1: Looming

Picture of Looming
Make sure your loom half circles are facing towards you.
mazzy mitchell made it!10 months ago

How cute! I made mine with glow in the dark.

shorning110 months ago
really simple and fun! made mine with UV bands making a couple more to hang in the windows!
ghost family complete.

perfect for halloween ^^

RAYZORWIRE (author)  anin carmelittes10 months ago
I will be making a Halloween charm bracelet or of all these charms. did you make it? may I see it?
i'll be making one this weekend maybe and will be posting too a new instructable.....(a bit busy with work though that's why i can't do charms anytime -_-)