Rainbow Loom- Ghost Charm

Picture of Rainbow Loom- Ghost Charm
This ible talks a lot about a triple single. You can find out how to make this on my instructable rainbow loom- three way bracelet (triple single)
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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
Rainbow loom, hook, and black and white bands.

Step 2: Starting

Take one band and put it forward from the middle. Then put one band out to the right, then the left. Take two bands and put them both forward together on all three lines 5 times, on the outside 2, put 2 black bands on the second one.

Step 3: Add Half Diamonds

Picture of Add Half Diamonds
13, 8:19 PM.jpg
Add half diamonds all the way shown in the pic just like a triple single. Turn your loom around so the arrow is facing you.

Step 4: Hooking

Picture of Hooking
13, 8:19 PM.jpg
13, 8:19 PM.jpg
13, 8:19 PM.jpg
13, 8:19 PM.jpg
Hook the outside two just like a triple single. Take the band that was part of the diamond and take it off the hook so when you hook the middle one it will go over the diamond tucking it in. Hook the rest.

Step 5: Finishing

Picture of Finishing
13, 8:19 PM.jpg
13, 8:19 PM.jpg
13, 8:19 PM.jpg
Hook the rest to wear they come from. On the last one you hook, once it's hooked, from the put side pull the bottom part over the top. Pull off the ghost.

Step 6: Done!

Picture of Done!
Your ghost is done. Enjoy! Comment, favorite, follow!

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