Picture of Rainbow Loom Goldfish Charm
PLEASE like and follow!!! You will need 39 rubber bands + a rubber band for the eyes + an extra rubber band to hold it all together

Step 1: Materials!!!! :D

Picture of Materials!!!! :D
13, 2:22 PM.jpg
13, 2:22 PM.jpg
13, 2:22 PM.jpg
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nngân (author) 1 month ago
@safashiwani Sorry!! If u still have problems with it, there's a YouTube video for this! Sorry the steps were unclear! ?

aww...no biggie!:)

i tried again and this time it turned out well...

nngân (author) 1 month ago
@rainbowloomlover @artiep1 Glad u guys liked it! ^_^
nngân (author) 1 month ago
@craftinglover Okay, so you place TWO rainbow bands above the triangle u had placed before. Place it from left to right. That's Step 12
nngân (author) 1 month ago
@suzysmith24 sorry to hear that, if u still wanna try it, there's a YouTube video! (By someone called ElegantFashion I think)
nngân (author) 1 month ago
No prob! Thanx for trying it! @onedirectionlovelouis

thanks i got it now...

i really dont know but...the steps were really a bit unclear....:(

ArtieP1 made it!1 month ago
I made it..... its so cuute luv it ty...??
rainbow loom lover made it!2 months ago
I love mine!!

i am stuck at step 12 can anyone help me

suzysmith243 months ago
mine went all wrong!

Hi nngan thanks for this charm it is cute

nngân (author) 5 months ago
Thanx @rosalynn28 :)
rosalynn285 months ago

thats soooooooooo much fun thanks a ton!!!! i luv your instructables!!!

very good i love it

nngân (author) 5 months ago
Thanx @onedirectionlovelouis
PhatGurlCandi made it!6 months ago
cute little fishy
nngân (author) 8 months ago
Glad u liked it @xavierandzelda ! :D
xavierandzelda made it!8 months ago
Awesome! Thanks sooooo much!!
nngân (author) 9 months ago
Sorry @angelh1 :( have u tried using a different hook?
nngân (author) 9 months ago
Thanx @shr3yaxo , @mazzymitchell and @eatbeans !
EatBeans9 months ago

So cute!

Angelh110 months ago

yeah I couldn't do it :(

Angelh110 months ago

so I got it all on the board and I just couldn't loop it all up. :(

mazzy mitchell10 months ago


shr3yaxo10 months ago
I love this! Tysm! :)
nngân (author) 11 months ago
Thanx! @nyankitty13 :)
nyankitty13 made it!11 months ago

Cute. This is a well thought out and planned instructable. Here's mine.

nngân (author) 1 year ago
What's ur question @peachgirl?
peach girl1 year ago
I have a question
nngân (author) 1 year ago
Just make 3 loops around the bottom 2 pegs to make cap bands
hollypop041 year ago

For some reason I don't get step 13?!

san11 year ago

Thanks for the instructions but mine did not work - I clearly got mixed up somewhere! Next time you do a similar tutorial it would be easier if you used different coloured bands at each step, that way it would be much easier to follow the pictures. And if you could add how to finish it off rather than saying "see my others" it would be better. :)

yeah true

yay!multi coloured fish!

awesome! That is what mine sort of looks like!

sorry i got very muddled

hguth1 year ago
mine is different colors :)
nngân (author) 1 year ago
Thanx @san1 for the suggestion I'll hopefully remember to do that next time
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