Rainbow Loom Heart Bracelet


Introduction: Rainbow Loom Heart Bracelet

This the Heart bracelet.

Step 1: What You Will Need

You will need:
-Rainbow Loom 
-22 base colors(purple)
-24 side colors(orange)
-7 extension colors (green)
-S or C clip

Step 2: Putting Bands on Loom

When putting on bands look at the pictures that are here so you won't get lost.

Step 3: Put on Cap Band

Twist band once to put on to end peg.

Step 4: Looping the Bands

The pictures that I have shown will explain all. But continue until end. Then Put all end bands on middle peg.

Step 5: Removal

Pull the bracelet off carefully.

Step 6: Extentsion

To make extentsion put as many bands as you need to use(for me 7) on the loom like a small single. Then attach bracelet on the end like a cap band. Then loop them. put on S-clip.

Step 7: All Done



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Thank you soooooo much for tryin it! It looks great!! Although I am an ametuer just comment if you would like more!

it doesnt work i mean it wont show how to put the bands on it just shows the first step

2 replies

Maybe this tutorial could help?



That is a different bracelet then i had made but thanks for the suggestion!

Awesome I made a purple and yellow one I can not figure out how to put pics in comments help?

:) worked great