Rainbow Loom Heart Charm





Introduction: Rainbow Loom Heart Charm

Heyo! This is my tutorial on a rainbow loom heart charm! I hope you enjoy this tutorial, I will take requests for new tutorials anytime!

Step 1: Placing Bands

Place a band from the first left peg to the second middle peg. Then place bands from the first left peg to the second left peg, and the first right peg to the second right peg. Place bands down two more times, but curve in the second time. Then place bands down the middle twice.

Step 2: Placing Connector Bands

Place connector bands across your loom twice.

Step 3: Placing Cap Bands

Wrap a band twice around your fingers, and look carefully at the pictures to see where to place them. There will be 2 cap bands.

Step 4: Hooking Bands

Go under the first cap band and hook your first bands. Then, hook the bands up. Don't hook the curved bands down, but go under the cap band, and hook them up from there.

Step 5: Slip Knots

For the slip knot, put your hook through the bands on the first left peg. Take the bottom loop and put it on your hook. Now, take the right loop, pull it off the hook, and tighten. Repeat on the first right bands.

Step 6: Finishing Up

When you take it off the loom, there may be two loose bands that you can cut. Then, cut the loop off one of the slip knots, but not too short! The project may come apart if you cut too much.

Step 7: You're Done!

You're done! As I said, I do take requests, and I hope you can show me yours. Bye!



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    Hey guys I am Samah
    But loomers I dont have a loom like u but I want to ask where do u get like this loom

    You can get a Rainbow Loom at your local craft store, but be warned, some are counterfeit. If you want to know which ones are for real, they will have a sparkly gold sticker on the front, saying something close to "real rainbow loom" I haven't shopped for these in a while, so I don't remember exactly. I get my supplies at Michaels. They have the original rainbow loom.

    Hey loomers! I have a big surprise! I just published an instructable on a triple single bracelets for the monster tail loom!

    What do you mean by what are their names? If you could specify a little more, then I will do my best to help you!

    I meant what is the name of your instructable on a triple single bracelet for the monster loom?

    Oh! You don't have to search it, you can just go to my page and look through my instructables!