Introduction: Rainbow Loom Ladder

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Today I will tell you how to make a rainbow loom ladder bracelet.

Step 1: What You Will Need

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Things you will need are a loom,c clip,bands,and a hook

Step 2: Make a Border

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Put 1 colour of your choice for the border

Step 3: Horizontally

Picture of Horizontally

Take your border colour and put bands going horizontally across your loom

Step 4: Next Colour Is Here

Picture of Next Colour Is Here

Put another coloured bands row through the middle

Step 5: Again

Picture of Again

Take the same colour bands as your border and put them horizontally across your loom again

Step 6: Cap Band

Picture of Cap Band

Take 1 band and make a figure 8.

Step 7: Place

Picture of Place

And then place the cap band on your last peg.

Step 8: Loop the Middle

Picture of Loop the Middle

Now loop the middle row.

Step 9: Loop Left Side

Picture of Loop Left Side

Go ahead and loop the left side when done the middle.

Step 10: Loop Right Side

Picture of Loop Right Side

Now you can loop the right side.

Step 11: Pull It Off

Picture of Pull It Off

Put a band going through all bands to pull off the bracelet.

Step 12: Take It Off

Picture of Take It Off

Now just take it off carefully

Step 13: Extension

Picture of Extension

For the extension place a row of 6 or 5 bands for your extension. Then loop it forward.

Step 14: Pull Extension

Picture of Pull Extension

Now you can carefully pull the extension off but remember to have your hook going through the last band.

Step 15: C Clip Time

Picture of C Clip Time

Put your fingers through the band and stretch them. Then in the open area insert the c clip. Then clip both sides together.

Step 16: Done

Picture of Done

And the you go your very own ladder bracelet from rainbow loom!


khushi_loves_art (author)2014-02-22

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