Introduction: Rainbow Loom Ladder Bracelet

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Step 1: What You Need

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You will need:
• a loom
• rubber bands
• a hook
• an S or C clip

Step 2: Placing Bands

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Take your first band and place it going to the left. Then take your second band and place it to the right. MAKE SURE YOU ARROW IS FACING AWAY FROM YOU!! Then continue putting bands on both left and right pegs tithe second to last peg. When on the second to last peg, place the bands inwards so it is on the middle peg.

Step 3: Next

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Place the same colored band across the second left peg to the second right peg. Skip the first two left and right peg. Continue to place them across till you reach third to last peg on both left and right sides. Skip the last on before reaching where it goes towards the center.

Step 4: Then

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Next place your middle colored band all forward the center pegs. Stop where it turned to the middle

Step 5: Loooping

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Place a cat band on the end of the center pegs. Then turn the loom around so the arrow is pointing towards you. Then start looping to the end

Step 6: More Placing

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Place rubber bands across on top of the other cross bands.

Step 7: More Looping

Picture of More Looping

Start from the cat band and loop the bottom bands to the corresponding side. Then loop the bottom bands from the left and right pegs forward to the end then loop them to the center.

Step 8: Taking It Off

Picture of Taking It Off

Put the hook through all the bands on the last canter peg. With a rubber band at the end. Pull that band through and place it on your hook. Then take the bracelet off.

Step 9: Extension

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Place four bands going forward on any side peg not center. Make sure the arrow is facing AWAY from you. Then place on of the ends from your bracelet on the end of the four bands. Turn the loom around and loop the band. Then place an S or C clip on one end and secure them together.

Step 10: END

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Hope you enjoyed and made a bracelet! Please leave a comment, like, and follow. Thanks for just viewing!
- rainbowloomer


GFry1991 (author)2015-04-25

I've been trying to make this bracelet I can make it but I can't get it off in one piece. :'(

rainbowloomer (author)2014-03-18

Oh, I always thought it was Cat band not Cap. But Thanks For telling me! :)

Pandabear0524 (author)2014-03-14

I was just noticing that you said "cat band", it's "cap band". Sorry if it sounded like I was judging your grammar but yea, anyways, great instructable! I need to try this! Thx! ;)

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