Step 1: Materials

Make sure the arrow is facing away from you and on this bracelet your gonna need a googly eye navy blue bands yellow bands and black bands and hot glue gun and some c clips
<p>i luved it</p>
Thank you!(:
So cute!
<p>awesome !!</p>
To make the evil minion you just do the same thing but make the yellow purple. And thanks;)<br>-aqua12
That was the hardest one yet
<p>i thought it was pretty easy</p>
<p>hey that was really easy an cool . aqua 12 i just used less bands to make a smaller one you should add that. also you didnt show people how to make evil minion .</p>
I was wondering if there is a way to add hair
Yes I was actually wondering that myself...
you could take a couple pieces of black bands and attatch it through the head of the minion and clasp it with a c-clip<br>aqua12
Thanks so much;)
so flippin' cute
Thank you
Omg so awesome!
i love it is it sorta like a triple single
Lol i make those too we made a really cool flower one
This is so cool sadly I don't have yellow or black so I'm stuck
Thank you
Yah I made 2 cuz I forgot the password for my other one
I was just wondering it looked so familiar
Hey, is hippos 12 the same account as you?
I'm not too young not too old... That's all I'm saying... Sorry;(<br>Aqua12
Btw how old are you? :P

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