Rainbow Loom Owl Charm





Introduction: Rainbow Loom Owl Charm

Step 1: What You Will Need

You will need 38 light pink bands
8 hot pink bands
4 black bands
4 yellow bands
1 rainbow loom
1 hook

Step 2: Beginning Your Owl

Take 2 light pink bands and put them like they are in the picture. These will be your ears! Next take 2 bands again and put them on the loom like a triple single! Take 2 bands at a time until you see different .

Step 3:

Now take 2 black bands and put them on the left and right pegs like shown this will be the eyes!

Step 4: The Beak

Now you are going to take 2 yellow bands and put them on the middle peg

Step 5: Finishing Your Head

Now take two light pink bands and lay them on the next three pegs. Lastly , put them on diagonally like shown!

Step 6:

Now take a SINGLE band and lay it on diagonally and do it again on the other side

Step 7: Begin Your Body

Now you want to take two hot pink bands and lay them in your middle peg

Step 8:

Continue doing this until you have no more bands

Step 9:

Now take two light pink bands again and put them on the right and left pegs STOP when you come to a diagonal

Step 10: The Feet

Now take a SINGLE yellow band and wrap it around your hook 3x. Next take TWO light pink bands and put the on the edge of your hook like shown and pull / push the yellow band on it and set it on your loom do this a second time only put it on the other side

Step 11:

Now add a cap band wrap around 3x

Step 12: Begin Looping

First reach behind the cap band and pull out the first set of bands and loop them next go back and do the other set finally get the hot pink bands! Now loop up like a triple single

Step 13:

Now it gets tricky so bare with me! Take you hook and push back the first couple of bands and pull out the first set of bands do again for the other side and one more time for the middle then, again go up like a triple single. look at the arrows go from the middle out on the ears.

Step 14:

Take your hook and go through one ear and pull a rubber band through and again for the other ear

Step 15:

This is what your loom should look like

Step 16:

Now you can pull it off of the loom . You have your finished owl

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I messed up! Cool instructions. Maybe I'll get better luck last time

I cant beleive I did it! I feel happy. It's a little messed up, though.