Step 1: What You Will Need

You will need 38 light pink bands
8 hot pink bands
4 black bands
4 yellow bands
1 rainbow loom
1 hook
<p><strong>omg</strong>! it's so cute, it must be criminal!</p>
oh no! my picture isnt showing! ?
<p>I don't get instruction 12</p>
this is the second one i made
its so much fffuuuunnnn to make
My bands kept on snapping. ? but it is a really good tutorial.
<p>Easy and super cute.</p><p>I tried to make Hedwig from Harry Potter, What do you think???</p>
<p>you were so dull and boring and BTW! you didn't explain it well at all</p><p>I abhored it!!</p>
<p>I made one and it looks so cute! Thank you so much!</p>
<p>great pics btw! ~MARYAM,Selena Gomez Fan~</p>
<p>So cute! I love the style of the owl! I made 2 and will make some more!</p>
made it but my hook crashed
<p>Did It!</p>
<p>thx it's awesome </p>
It's as cute as it can be.
<p>Thanks this is so cute love it </p>
<p>This is soooo adorable!!! </p>
<p>sorry i just cant get enough tanks again!&lt;3 :P</p>
<p>i luv it!!</p>
<p>its so cool and cute thanks for the instructable!!</p>
<p>very cute nburk1 love it so much </p>
Can I just say that the eyes of the owl could look like this
too cute
<p>I need help in the looping part</p>
Thank You!
Love the results!!
<p>gasp I LOVE POKEMON (btw may do a few pokemon instructables)</p>
<p>i made one! its so adorable! it was a long time ago, but i just got an account</p>
<p>It's really good, thank you.</p>
<p>mine sucks</p>
nice and cute owl :-) <br>
that was great steps<br>
cute idea I added two slip knots as points on the ears
<p>I made it with a key ring for my sister and she put it on her backpack. she was soooooooooooooooooooooooooo happy</p>
<p>-made it for my brother! he loves it</p>
<p>if only u said how to loom the head I messed it up </p>
<p>just finished it its sooooooooooooo awesome love it thank u sooooooooooooo much for putting that up there </p>
<p>just finished it its sooooooooooooo awesome love it thank u sooooooooooooo much for putting that up there </p>
<p>Cute if you like better photos than this check out my channel by the way try doing it away from you junk nobody needs to see that ok .</p>
<p>you dont got to be mean to her</p>
Im not im just telling her to look more professional.
<p>well you dont have to tell her in a rude way</p>

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