Picture of Rainbow Loom Owl Charm

Step 1: What You Will Need

Picture of What You Will Need
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You will need 38 light pink bands
8 hot pink bands
4 black bands
4 yellow bands
1 rainbow loom
1 hook
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badsoul2 months ago

you were so dull and boring and BTW! you didn't explain it well at all

I abhored it!!

LoomBandLover3 months ago

great pics btw! ~MARYAM,Selena Gomez Fan~

LoomBandLover3 months ago

So cute! I love the style of the owl! I made 2 and will make some more!

supertriangle3 months ago
made it but my hook crashed
craftydragon3 months ago

Did It!

OliviaO1 made it!3 months ago

thx it's awesome



rgodess made it!4 months ago
It's as cute as it can be.

Thanks this is so cute love it

Pandapoosh4 months ago

This is soooo adorable!!!

rosalynn285 months ago

sorry i just cant get enough tanks again!<3 :P

rosalynn285 months ago

i luv it!!

rosalynn285 months ago

its so cool and cute thanks for the instructable!!

very cute nburk1 love it so much

PhatGurlCandi made it!6 months ago
too cute
Jordyan7 months ago

I need help in the looping part

Tiny53127 months ago


ArtProdigy128 months ago
Thank You!
dawn2410 months ago
Love the results!!

gasp I LOVE POKEMON (btw may do a few pokemon instructables)

mazzy mitchell10 months ago

i made one! its so adorable! it was a long time ago, but i just got an account

issymckia475610 months ago

It's really good, thank you.

SkylarA111 months ago

mine sucks

happy girl11 months ago
nice and cute owl :-)
Phoenix10911 months ago
mollykim71 year ago
that was great steps

I made it with a key ring for my sister and she put it on her backpack. she was soooooooooooooooooooooooooo happy

-made it for my brother! he loves it

dcoruno1 year ago

if only u said how to loom the head I messed it up

mbizzy1 year ago

just finished it its sooooooooooooo awesome love it thank u sooooooooooooo much for putting that up there

mbizzy1 year ago

just finished it its sooooooooooooo awesome love it thank u sooooooooooooo much for putting that up there

Cute if you like better photos than this check out my channel by the way try doing it away from you junk nobody needs to see that ok .

you dont got to be mean to her

Im not im just telling her to look more professional.

I love your owl design please come and see my charm designs I think you will Enjoy making them

salderson11 year ago

I made this awesome loom band owl!!! it took a couple of goes but I finally got it. great instructions

tde jesus1 year ago

Looks cute!

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