Picture of Rainbow Loom Pen or Pencil Cover or Grip
This instructable (my first one) teaches you to make a pen or pencil grip or cover. It is a very easy project.
If you know how to do a rainbow loom fishtail bracelet then you will have no trouble with this. It is the same as the fishtail, but it goes in a square.
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Step 1: Choosing Your Colors

Picture of Choosing Your Colors
You can use as many or as few colors as you want for this project.
I recommend choosing at least two different colors, otherwise it could become difficult to tell which pieces to loop.

For this instructable I used three colors. Blue, yellow, and pink (respectively).

Step 2: Setting Up The Board

Picture of Setting Up The Board
Make sure your board is set up as a rectangle.

Step 3: Creating the Base

Picture of Creating the Base
As I mentioned, if you know how to do the fish tail, you will have no difficulty with this instructable.

***Make sure you place the bands somewhere on the peg board that would allow the project to hang through the middle. If you have the base of the board below your pegs, there will be no where for your project to go and it will not work.

To begin, you must take your first color (mine is blue) and create a figure 8.

TIP: I find it easiest to put one end of the band around a peg and THEN twist it before wrapping it to the other side. Of course, you can wrap it around your fingers first if you prefer.

Next, place another figure 8 perpendicular to the first, another perpendicular to the second, and one more to complete the square (see pictures).

Step 4: Adding a Level

Picture of Adding a Level
For the rest of the project you will not need to create figure 8s with the band.

Take your next color and create a square on top of your base.

Step 5: One More Layer

Picture of One More Layer
Take your third color (Or repeat a color you have already used)  and make another square above the previous.

Step 6: Looping

Picture of Looping
You will need your hook for this step.

Like with the fishtail pattern, you now loop the bottom layer over the peg and to the middle. Do this on all sides.
(See pictures for clarification.)

Step 7: Add Another Layer

Picture of Add Another Layer
Take your next color and add another layer.
Pandapoosh2 months ago

is this removable?

hannoloomy453 months ago

This can be a Chinese Finger Trap too!

sarvikan6 months ago

this is a good project i really like it.

RaquelW9 months ago

awsome my daughter is a huge fan and so am i

Jodie22441 year ago

how do u put it together and takes for ages

It's almost like a hexafish but another layer! <3 it!!!!

cool thank you for making this I've been wondering how!!:-)