This instructable (my first one) teaches you to make a pen or pencil grip or cover. It is a very easy project.
If you know how to do a rainbow loom fishtail bracelet then you will have no trouble with this. It is the same as the fishtail, but it goes in a square.

Step 1: Choosing Your Colors

You can use as many or as few colors as you want for this project.
I recommend choosing at least two different colors, otherwise it could become difficult to tell which pieces to loop.

For this instructable I used three colors. Blue, yellow, and pink (respectively).
<p>is this removable?</p>
<p>This can be a Chinese Finger Trap too!</p>
<p>this is a good project i really like it. </p>
<p>awsome my daughter is a huge fan and so am i</p>
<p>how do u put it together and takes for ages </p>
<p>It's almost like a hexafish but another layer! &lt;3 it!!!!</p>
cool thank you for making this I've been wondering how!!:-)
kool <br> <br>

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