Picture of Rainbow Loom Phone Case
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Step 1:

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So, your most likely thinking if this will fit your phone. I have an I phone, it fits mine perfectly. But it will probably will fit your phone too because it is made of rubber bands and they stretch! :)

Step 2:

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This was a phone case I made by using a tutorial on YouTube. Craft life is the channel, make sure to use her revised video, because these are hard to make and she goes slow in her revised video. So all credit to young Jacey!

Step 3:

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So, I mistakenly messed up on the top as you can see, but I saved it. I'd rather have it look a bit funny than not have it at all. 5 hours can you believe it! Also mistakenly I left a hole in it, perfect for my home button. The arrow points to the top were I messed up. The circle is around the home button hole if you couldn't tell we're it was.

Step 4: Reminder, How To

Remember to go to YouTube. Look up craft life, the channel. Look up their video, revised rainbow loom phone case, make sure it is the revised version. Thanks for viewing! :). Shoutout to jacey from craft life , your so young and talented, thanks for sharing this video with us!

Step 5:

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Add charms to the loop on top of your phone case, my fav a butterfly! If you live my butterfly look at my pictorial in my instructables section!
MrE20 days ago
Ok, so I just bought a loom and came here to see how to use it. But the problem is you didn't really do an instructable. I know, I understand. You ate trying to drive traffic to the person you learned from by sending people to her video. But the problem is this.
You made the instructable! You need to show off YOUR WORK! Otherwise it's what I call a show-off able. You did a great job, be proud, show off the work you did and INSTRUCT.
I get it you don't want to take the thunder from the person who made it first. Jusy put a credit to that person and a link and show us how you did it.
loomtryer1 MrE6 days ago

Ya some instructshins

How am I supposed to press the buttons
cuppy929188 months ago
It would be better if u did it on here because my phn doesn't let me watch videos
cuppy929188 months ago
It would be better if u did it on here because my phn doesn't let me watch videos

but i have to amit that case rocks

One of the huge reasons that i like instructables is because vewing a you tube video takes for ever.And besides here in the Marshall islands internet is expensive.

craftypeach11 months ago

Go to Google.com

Type(or copy) Craft Life Rainbow Phone Case

The following should be of videos regarding this topic.

It would be too much to list on here so she had recommended that we go to the official video.

(I would post a link but I'm not sure if this website allows links. I wouldn't want to be getting banned over posting a link. :))

RainbowOwl1 year ago

Sorry but this is confusing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ak031 year ago
And I can't seem to find that video. If found the lipstick case though.
ak031 year ago
I don't really understand how to make the space in the middle for the screen. Pls explain .
hwilson141 year ago

is their any other site other than youtube that u can find this

:) :) :) :) :)

Thanks :-)
kawaiilover (author) 1 year ago
The phone case was made using a tutorial on youtube. I made this instructable so that people will watch her tutorial and make a phone case. I think if you make the phone case a bit slimmer an shorter, it will fit an i pod. This dies fit my i phone though. Go to youtube and look up the channel craft life. Then look at their video revised rainbow loom phone case.
How did u make the case? Will it fit an IPod? Txt me KIK- lolypig