Introduction: Rainbow Loom Ring- EASY

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Easy Breezy Rainbow loom ring using different colors!

Step 1: Placing the Bands

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Place the bands from left to center, always start to the left.

Step 2: Putting Capping Bands

Picture of Putting Capping Bands

twist the band 2x , and dont forget to put another capping band in the left peg.

Step 3: Hooking Process

Picture of Hooking Process

Pull the capping bands using ur hook slowly towards you. Hook the bands like doing single bracelet.

Your loom should look like the 3rd photo.

Step 4: Adding Rubber Band

Picture of Adding Rubber Band

Use your hook to do this process.

Step 5: Removing It From Your Loom

Picture of Removing It From Your Loom

Gently remove your bands from the loom to avoid it snapping.

Step 6: Twisting Process

Picture of Twisting Process

After removing, remove the purple band on the hook, and insert the band on the peg, then twist it like i did on the 2nd photo.

Step 7: Securing Process

Picture of Securing Process

Use c- clip or s-clip, attach it to the purple bands, as seen on the 1st and 2nd photo

Step 8: Tadaaa!

Picture of Tadaaa!

Now this is the product.


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