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Introduction: Rainbow Loom Ring

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Hello!For today's 2nd instructable,I'm gonna show you how to make this fabulous ring!

Step 1: Materials

You will need:

A loom
A hook
A bit of bands

Step 2: Placing the Bands

Set up the loom to match the 1st photo.Then place the bands as shown in the pictures.Lastly,add a cap band.

Step 3: Looping

Loop the diamond out line first.Then loop the center band.DO NOT loop the center band first.

Step 4: Slip Knot

Push your hook through all the bands at the top and slip a band through them.It should look like the 4th photo.The slip one end of the band through the other and pull.Now it should look like the last photo.

Step 5: Taking It Off the Loom

Pull it of the loom and shape it until you're happy.Now,slip your finger through the slip knot.You're done!Enjoy!



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    I don't know if I've yet seen a ring made this way....cute!