Rainbow Loom-Single Chain Using Mini-loom


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Introduction: Rainbow Loom-Single Chain Using Mini-loom

About: I am a loomer. and I am addicted to Making Rainbow Looms. I can make crafts and do hair tutorials.

This is my very first instructable. I hope you guys like it! No Hate!! please lets respect each other.

Step 1: Beggining the Bracelet

Get your mini-loom and your first rubber band. Put the rubber band on the first peg, and around the second peg and back to the first peg.

Step 2: The Single Chain

Stick your hook at the other side of the peg. Put your next rubber band at the hook.and pull it through and back to the hook. Continue this until it fits your wrist.

Step 3: Finishing the Bracelet

When your bracelet fiys your wrist, Its time to finish it up. Take your C-clip or S-clip to finish it. Put your clip at the other end and connect it with the other end.



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