Picture of Rainbow Loom Starburst Bracelet

Step 1: Supplies

Picture of Supplies
The supplies you will need is the rainbow loom making kit, you will need to have some elastics.
hermione114 months ago


Thank you so much! I tried to follow other instructions but it just turned out wrong, then I followed yours; really concise and helpful :)

this is great some if the sentences were slightly wrong but apart from that well done.

EnaRibena1 year ago

this doesnt work >.< i dont get how you can loop the band to each of the sides so now i have a half broken board :/ much more help if it told you how... Mine turned out like a ball of random stuff that you could to just seperate when you drop it O-O

furby13161 year ago
Wow! This ha helped me so much
hey starbrust is so cool
Leiana22131 year ago
How many rubber bands does it take to do the border part and the over all count? I gotta get this right :)
I'm doing it right now!
Wow, you so popular l_cokkinos
I'm going to try this when I get my Rainbow Loom Pack :)
l_cokkinos (author) 1 year ago
You have to do it clockwise , NOT counter clockwise rmiller50
rmiller501 year ago
In the pic you do it clockwise, but in the description you say counter. Does it matter? Or should it be clockwise?
It's unbelievable how EPIC you are at Rainbow Loom. I tried this and it was an epic fail...
1Dgirl1 year ago
preety sweet but how do u make it into a bracelet cause it is rubber material?