Picture of Rainbow Loom Triple Single
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Let's make a triple single! You'll need, your loom, hook and bands. And one C/ S clip.
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Step 1: Bands

Picture of Bands
2014, 11:11 AM.jpg
Grab 12 bands of your color and make sure the loom arrow is facing up. Start by placing your bands on the left side. Go all the way up. Do that for ALL three sides

Step 2: Bands Going Across

Picture of Bands Going Across
Take some more bands, skip the first 3 at the bottom. Take your band and make kind of a upside down triangle going all the way up.

Step 3: Hooking

Picture of Hooking
2014, 11:11 AM.jpg
2014, 11:11 AM.jpg
2014, 11:11 AM.jpg
Your going to spin your loom around. Grab your hook and start hooking on the left side. Reach all the way down and grab the band and place it to the next peg. Do that the entire way up. Do that same step for the middle and right side.

Step 4: Hooking The 3

Picture of Hooking The 3
At the top you will see 3 hooked bands not attached. You are going to grab the left band and place it on to the middle same with the right. Be VERY careful do not let go of your bracelet it could fall apart.

Step 5: Taking It Off

Picture of Taking It Off
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2014, 11:11 AM.jpg
2014, 11:11 AM.jpg
2014, 11:11 AM.jpg
Take another same color band and place it on your hook and pull it through all the bands at the top. Take the half of the band and place it on the hook. Put your bands on the thicker part of the hook and CAREFULLY pull off your bracelet be gentle so you don't snap Any bands.

Step 6: Extension

Picture of Extension
2014, 11:11 AM.jpg
It's probably not long enough for you, so you are going to take some more bands and loop them through the bands on your hook. Do that until it is long enough for your wrist. Then take a C/S clip and attach it to both ends.

Step 7: FINISHED!!

Picture of FINISHED!!
2014, 11:23 AM.jpg
2014, 11:23 AM.jpg
You are now finished your bracelet! Enjoy! Check out my other bracelets. Request any other rainbow loom bracelets.Please follow and like, also please please follow me on Instagram!
Username: CinCoCaLa08
I did it and it was great!
loombandgirl2 months ago

thanks so much for this

Thanks for this easy to make

clochetteg4 months ago

I don't understand step 5!

ninkynic made it!6 months ago
I made this 2 times its so easy great tutorial. on my second bracelet I doubled up the bands! and it looks great
Could you make a charm?
Sanaa yasin11 months ago
havent tried it
Sanaa yasin11 months ago
ahhhh to hard
chloiee1 year ago

i put it together like she said and hooked it like she said and pulled it off and it fell apart in my opinion it is a waste of time and you should not try sorry if it seems mean but i'm just telling the truth if there were stars to show how much i liked it i would rate a solid 1 sorry that is my opinion your welcome byee byee

Cindy02 (author) 1 year ago
Thanks! They look great!
ilovedisneyfrozen made it!1 year ago

I love the pictures!!! Thanks for putting this out! here are the pictures of the 2 i made and took pictures of....

Erika's Camera rubber band bracelets 015.JPG
madog_1091 year ago

I love the colors u used nice