Let's make a triple single! You'll need, your loom, hook and bands. And one C/ S clip.

Step 1: Bands

Grab 12 bands of your color and make sure the loom arrow is facing up. Start by placing your bands on the left side. Go all the way up. Do that for ALL three sides
I made it! But it took a really long time because it was my first time
<p>i made it !! It was perrrrrfect think you for the easy step</p>
I made it
<p>looks cool, I'll try it</p>
I did it and it was great!
<p>thanks so much for this </p>
<p>Thanks for this easy to make </p>
<p>I don't understand step 5! </p>
I made this 2 times its so easy great tutorial. on my second bracelet I doubled up the bands! and it looks great
Could you make a charm?
havent tried it
ahhhh to hard
Thanks! They look great!
<p>I love the pictures!!! Thanks for putting this out! here are the pictures of the 2 i made and took pictures of.... </p>
<p>I love the colors u used nice </p>

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