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Step 1: Supplies

Picture of Supplies
You will need the rainbow loom starting kit, and some elastic's.
GabbyZ24 days ago
I am going to make one
I used my bracelet as a saddle for Twilight Sparkle because it wouldn't fit my arm.
13, 7:19 PM.jpg

If you do want the bracelet to fit just look up how to make an extension for triple single. Then you could make it long enough for anyone's arm.:)

awww she's cute

LilyC11 months ago

mine fell,apart when I started taking it off, this has happened to me the last 2 times I made something and it is sooo annoying!

Good instructions though, I actually got everything you said and managed to everything (except one of the looping thingys)

I am new to making loom bands though

BreDiy1 LilyC7 months ago

My brother had the same problem!

llewis251 year ago
How do you add extra bands for the strap please ?

You make a single loom and attach it to your triple single

i madeit

This is really creative

This was really helpful
This is so cool, I made one!