Step 1: Supplies

You will need the rainbow loom starting kit, and some elastic's.
<p>I made it it was kinda hard the first time because I had the loom the wrong way ☺️</p>
<p>the pics are blurry</p>
<p>mine fell,apart when I started taking it off, this has happened to me the last 2 times I made something and it is sooo annoying!</p><p>Good instructions though, I actually got everything you said and managed to everything (except one of the looping thingys) </p><p>I am new to making loom bands though</p>
That happened to me too! I looked up a video on it and my problem was that I wasn't pusing away the middle band that connects them together before looping my band and putting it on the next peg. It really annoyed me since this happened with the two bracelets that i attempted 7 times! I suggest looking up a youtube video to aid you.
<p>My brother had the same problem!</p>
I am going to make one
I used my bracelet as a saddle for Twilight Sparkle because it wouldn't fit my arm.
<p>If you do want the bracelet to fit just look up how to make an extension for triple single. Then you could make it long enough for anyone's arm.:)</p>
<p>awww she's cute</p>
How do you add extra bands for the strap please ?
<p>You make a single loom and attach it to your triple single</p>
<p>i madeit</p>
<p>This is really creative</p>
This was really helpful
This is so cool, I made one!

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