Rainbow Loom Triple Single Braclet





Introduction: Rainbow Loom Triple Single Braclet

You will need: A Rainbow Loom, A hook, Rubber bands and a 's' clip or 'c' clip.

Step 1: Placing the Bands

With the pink bands move the band from the middle peg to the left and go in a straight line until you get to the second d to last peg then move the band to the right peg this is the same for purple and with yellow just in a straight line

Step 2: Placing the Triangles

You will need to turn you loom around and start placing triangles the pictures will show you how

Step 3: Weaving

You will have to place a cap band at the end of your loom, then you pull back the cap band and bring up the first band and weave it over do this for all rows

Step 4: The Reveal

You will need to put a slipknot at the end of your loom the picture will show you how then you pull off the bands gently then you make a single chain extension.

Sorry if you didn't understand. Thanks! Bye.



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