Introduction: Rainbow Loom W/ Beads

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Step 3: What You Will Need

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You are going to need
•Beads (I used pearler beads)
•Rainbow Loom (you only need one section)
•Rainbow Loom Bands
•C or S or whatever clip

Step 4: Placing Bands

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First make a figure 8 with your band it will serve as a "cap band"

Step 5:

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Step 8: Placing Bands

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So you first you place a bead on your band to form the figure in the picture

Step 9: Looming

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Now you start looming if you know how to do a fishtail this should be easy.You start by taking the bottom band and use your hook to lift it up over the peg.And just finish it like a fishtail

Step 10:

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Step 11: Finishing

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Now once you have the desired amount of length you can finish it off by clipping it

Step 12: Other Ways

You can do it on pens or pencils or with just your fingers


RainbowLoomWorking (author)2014-03-18

Cool!!!!!! THIS IS AWESOME! Thanks for making it! And its easy!

Thanks for sharing! I've never seen these types of bracelets made with beads before!

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