Introduction: Rainbow Loom Single Bracelet

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Rainbow Loom single bracelet

Step 1:

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Place a red band on the loom.

Step 2:

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Then, place a yellow band in the opposite direction.

Step 3:

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Continue that process in rainbow color order. Stop at pink.

Step 4:

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Then add the colors white and black. Put the white band on the loom first.

Step 5:

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Continue placing the bands in the order shown. This is what it will look like when done placing bands.

Step 6: Looping the Bands

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Take your hook and grab the black band. Loop that band to the left peg.

Step 7:

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Then take the white band and loop the band to the right peg.

Step 8:

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Take the pink band and loop it to the left peg.

Step 9:

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Continue the process. This is what your bracelet will look like when its done being looped.

Step 10:

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Put an s clip at the very end of your bracelet.

Step 11:

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Remove your bracelet from the pegs.

Step 12:

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Take the front of the bracelet and hook it to the s clip at the other end of the loom.

Step 13:

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Remove the last few bands from the peg. You are done with the bracelet.

Step 14:


SparkySolar (author)2014-10-26

Thank you for the nice informative Instructible.


MsSweetSatisfaction (author)2014-10-26

I love all the in progress shots, the rainbow bracelet in the end is gorgeous. Here's an instructable on how to use the editor in case you want to get rid of that extra step at the end:

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