Rainbow Loom:advanced Pencil Grip





Introduction: Rainbow Loom:advanced Pencil Grip

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Step 1: Laying Bands

Lay bands in a X ish shape

Step 2: Hooking

Bring the bottem 2 bands over the top

Step 3: Laying Bands


Step 4: Hooking

Take the bottem 2 bands over the top

Step 5: Laying Bands

Lay bands

Step 6: Hooking

Hook over the 2 bottem bands over the top

Step 7: Put the Pencil In

I put the pencil in now because at the end it's hard to put the pencil in

Keep laying bands all the way till as long as u want

Step 8: Finish

Put the bands on the pencil



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    Thanks!! Sry I just saw this comment!!! I only have 1 loom!!!

    I think it's the only loom project I find really pretty and useful

    A couple of pictures aren't supposed to be there sry!!!!