Introduction: Rainbow Popsicle Guest Soap

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These unicorn inspired rainbow popsicle soaps make a perfect and easy handmade gift! They're full of glitter, rainbows, happiness, messes, and adorableness!


Glycerin Soap Base

Soap Fragrance

Soap dye


Popsicle Mold

Popsicle Stick

Step 1: Watch Video!

Step 2: Melt Soap

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Melt down the glycerin soap base and mix in glitter and fragrance.

Make as many colors as you'd like for your rainbow. I made pink, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple using soap dye.

Step 3: Pour Into Mold

Picture of Pour Into Mold

One by one, pour each color into a popsicle mold. Wait a little bit in between each color so they set slightly. Otherwise they will all combine into one color.

Step 4: Insert Popsicle Stick

Picture of Insert Popsicle Stick

Cover the popsicle mold with the top and insert a popsicle stick.

Then put into the freezer or fridge to let it harden.

Step 5: Demold

Picture of Demold

Remove the rainbow popsicle soap from the mold.

If you have any trouble, run the mold under some hot water and the soap should slide right out.


zfehr (author)2016-05-29

wow that looks awesome I want to make that. where do you get the glycerin?

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