A roller that paints rainbows!!!

Kids love painting instant rainbow and if you're a supporter of LGBT rights, show your appreciation by coloring this drab world with the pride rainbow. Instead of painting a single color, the rainbow roller blends 10 colors placed in the VIBGYOR order into a beautifully blended rainbow to help make everything a part of fantasy-land themed world.

Now to find that unicorn...

Note: Contrary to what might seem apparent in the images, using the roller on a vertical wall has a good enough angle to keep the paint from spilling. Watch the video to get an idea of usage on vertical surfaces.

Step 1: Go Get Stuff!

  1. Acrylic sheet 3mm or more.
  2. Non-absorbant sponge. Something that isn't too absorptive will do. I used the ones used in beddings and cushions.
  3. Super absorptive kitchen cleaning sponge.
  4. A 160mm x 35mm paint roller.
  5. Acrylic paint set. Should have atleast 10 colors in rainbow sequence.
  6. Super glue.
  7. Hand file
<p>That is one of the most creative, coolest and simple things that i have ever seen,</p>
<p>Thank you!</p>
Creative! Good job
<p>Awesome idea..thanks for showing the instructions..</p>
<p>What a BRIGHT idea! I can't imagine painting walls as the verticality and gravity of the project would be challenging, though it'd look super. Can do borders with smaller number of cells and paint colors - eg. 2-3 color stripes. LOVE it!</p>
<p>Doing vertical walls is no challenge at all. Although it doesn't seem so in the images, when you hold up the roller to paint on walls, the paint boxes come at such an angle that there is no danger of spillage. Watch the video in the intro step in which I paint a poster stuck to a vertical surface to get what I'm saying.</p>
<p>Latex acrylic wall paint needs to be thinned with proper medium for this to work, try 50/50 water and un-tinted clear base to get the wash effect.</p>
<p>I can't say I know a lot about paints. I tried out watercolors and acrylic paints and acrylic worked. Are latex acrylic meant for walls? </p>
Yes, very similar to the 'artist paints' cost less for large projects!
I love this bc rainbows are everything to me! I'm an 80s baby and my nursery theme/room was rainbows until about five and it's my first memory! I have to find a way to make this work with wall paint! What a perfect border for the nursery! But the plastic container will need a top and that container looks hard to make anyone done wall paint yet? Didn't finish reading the comments bc no offense they were annoying and not related to the art! Go you for this beauty
<p>I did cut a top for the box but didn't need it as the box is vertical when painting and there's no danger of spilling. You'll need it only if you're going sideways or working with kids.<br></p><p>Wall paint will probably work if you can thin it enough to be soaked by the sponge. I haven't painted walls so don't know the viscosity and consistency of wall paint, but from hat little I've seen it being used, it looks like it might work with only a bit of thinning.<br></p><p>A solution to making the box(as mentioned by <a href="https://www.instructables.com/member/jdp420/" rel="nofollow" style="">jdp420</a> in comments) is to get small pre-made boxes(with lids too) and glue them together in a line. They might not match the width of roller exactly in that case but you can cut the slightly extra roller foam.</p>
Also just thought how cool of an idea for borders with like three colors in the middle if you washed the tray out
<p>I love it. Will be making a rainbow on my daughter's wall when I do her room. Thanks. You are awesome.</p>
Will you please let us know how this works with wall paint and if u needed a top. Thankd
<p>Thank you! Can't go wrong with children and rainbows :)</p>
<p>Oh wow how stunning is this. Wish I had a spare room to do this. Unfortunately my Granny cottage is too small. Wish I could get a tinie tiny one for the cards I make. Must get my crafty mind working. Luv it.</p>
<p>Thanks. I'd love to see a miniature version of this.</p>
<p>Brilliant idea! Just a thought though. It would be A LOT easier to fabricate this, using small rectangular acrylic boxes, available at any hobby supply. You'd also have the option of being able to use the lids on the paint pots.</p>
<p>I also thought of using small boxes and sticking them together(but not until I was almost done) but then I won't be able to divide the length of the roller exactly. There will be some difference. A bit of unpainted roller at the ends doesn't make a lot of difference but I was planning with a version-2 of this project in mind which needed exact box measurements.</p>
<p>very awesome and i would love to try it once...can we use this idea for wall paint?</p>
<p>I'm not sure about wall paints. As explained in Step-9, watercolors didn't work so wall paints might fail as well. However if you thin down the paint so it can be absorbed(more like sucked in) by the sponge, it will probably work. The best way is to paint the wall white and use it on top of it instead using it as base layer.</p>
<p>thank you so much...i just wanted to paint my living room where i spent my spare time mostly and i just thought it will add more charms to the wall ;)</p><p>but i will try for sure :) </p>
<p>This is a great ible! I would love to make this for doing with photo transfers on. Being normal is so overrated! </p>
<p>That's a great idea. Rainbow colored photo transfers and screen printing will look amazing.</p>
<p>Totally awesome!!! Wish my daughter's landlord would let her paint, but I think my new study(a room made available by my daughter &amp; grandson moving out!) will have to have to a rainbow added to it's decor somehow. The world can't have enough rainbows, all ideaologies aside! </p>
<p>Thanks! The same landlord constraint for me as well. Why do people love their monochromatic walls?</p>
I like ROY G. BIV better..
<p>Read it in any directions, the mightiness of the rainbow isn't diminished!<br>And with this roller, you can change the order of paints and make it BOGVRIY or anything else, if you so desire.</p>
<p>Hmmm, I have loved rainbows and refracted light in all it's forms since I was a tiny child ... now in my 60's I find that someone has adopted the rainbow as 'their symbol' ... I DON&quot;T CARE .... I still love the rainbow! This is visual art, not politics and mania ...</p>
<p>I completely agree. Just looking at the art aspect, it's hard to imagine how someone cannot like rainbows. All the colors our eyes are made to see, blending together. :)</p>
<p>PS thanks so much for sharing.</p>
<p>It's so colourful!! </p>
<p>Thank you!</p>
<p>I, too, am sad to see a neat art project turned into a political grouse. The nicest thing to say, if you don't like an 'ible, is nothing at all, so it's disingenuous to politicize the project, criticize it, and then say that's as &quot;nice as I can be.&quot; I think it's a great project and can see lots of applications in a variety of hues for some really fantastic effects. Great project, thanks for sharing it!</p>
<p>Holy crap this looks amazing! I have to try this!!</p>
except of how cool is it the photography and arrangements are so much awesome
<p>Thanks. I've been planning to make an instructable on getting good photographs and the recent photography contest seems to be pulling me in that direction :D</p>
except of how cool is it the photography and arrangements are so much awesome
<p>That would look really awesome on walls! Very well done.</p>
<p>I agree. Why should we have to choose a single color for our wall? Why not all the possible colors all at once?</p>
Exactly :)
<p>Cool! Where's the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow? Make a spray paint rainbow sprayer next by ganging up cans of spray paint in some contraption. Arduino controlled for your giant POV inkjet print head as you walk along.</p>
<p>Heard the pot of gold fall to the ground but couldn't find it anywhere. Must be those nasty thieving leprechauns again.<br>That sounds like an awesome rig. Maybe also put the spray can print head on a disk and let the pressure of the escaping paint spin it. We'll get circular rainbows and walking with it will form crazy beautiful helical patterns.</p>
Voting for yours it's the best.
<p>Thanks for your vote!</p>
<p>This caught my eye and I this is quite fantastic!. Now you need to figure out how to get a unicorn to fly past each rainbow you make and sprinkle glitter everywhere just like a cartoon! Cheers</p>
<p>I'm hot on their trail. Found some unicorn droppings(https://www.instructables.com/id/Unicorn-Poop/) and barf(https://www.instructables.com/id/Unicorn-Barf/). Hopefully I'll manage to catch and eventually tame one. And then finally I'll train it to sprinkle glitter on my rainbows...</p>

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