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Probably the easiest and simplest Instructable ever, but it's kind of ethereal pretty. It makes me smile when I see it because it really looks like blobs of light. The beads are translucent and almost transparent around the edges.

It takes less than 5 minutes, if that. :D

Step 1: Find an Alcoholic.

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Once you have found your alcoholic, grab a rolling pin-like bottle from their stash. If it's not empty, talk to them about the good ole days.

Drop a few of the water beads into the bottle, fill it with water, and cork it back up. I just happened to fill mine with exactly enough to make the beads immobile. They kind of have a cellular structure being pushed up all together.

Wait a day and you have rainbow blobs in a bottle.

Step 2: Rainbow in a Bottle.

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Make it. It's soooooo pretty. :D

I highly doubt it will win the rainbow contest because other Instructables are so awesome, but I thought it was worth grouping in the contest, if anything.


Malicity (author)2016-07-02

Love it and understand why you are so modest, but I'm going to vote for this, definitely! I have voted on many, as I'm like that. One is too many get the alcoholic trope.

So, my question is, what on earth are those beads you used? I live in a bubble, which is pretty like your bottle, but seriously confusing at times! Ah, I scrolled down and now I am far wiser. I just was all excited and had to say something to you!

One added note: Pastry requires being kept cool, so your pretty and cold rolling pin is far loftier than a purty thang! Thanks and I'm off to find a drunk.

Malicity (author)Malicity2016-07-02

Look at this great site for the fun and chemistry info! My eyes have been opened. Oh and you can get silly amounts of them online, just using the name Slippery arm provided below: Orbeez.

3rdiii (author)2016-06-22

If you make too many or want to dissolve the balls I have an instructable for that using an unexpected household item.

seamster (author)2016-06-20

Whoa, this is pretty cool. I've never heard of these "water beads" before. What are they, and any suggestions where to get them?

pojken (author)seamster2016-06-20

The ones I bought were from AliExpress. I'll put the link at the bottom. Water beads are used for a few things - some water toys, for vases to hold flowers, or just to play around. I don't think they are edible.

The ones I got were "giant" ones, which are about the size of an eyeball (if you close your eyes, you can imagine you just Kill Bill'd someone). :P They easily fall apart so if you drop them on the floor, you'll have a million little pieces of soft gelatinous bits that aren't easy to sweep up. Hehehe...

Good luck finding them and have fun.

Slippery arm (author)2016-06-20

They can be called orbeez you may find them at a regular store in the toy section

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