Introduction: Rainbow Star Burst Bracelet

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This rainbow star burst bracelet is done with or without the loom. It is easier without the loom. The process is slightly complicated but I have tried to explain it as easy as possible.

Step 1: Materials Required

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  • 7 colors loom bands
  • 2 forks
  • cello tape

Tape the 2 forks back to back and secure it tightly

Step 2: The Start Off

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  • We are going to use the white color as the border and start the rainbow with red colored bands
  • The first step is to take one white band and cross it like in pic 1
  • Next we take 2 whites and hook one on the first tine of the fork and the other on the last tine
  • Next we take the red band and cross it like the first white as in pic 4
  • Take another red and hook it in the middle 2 tines of the forks
  • Now take 4 more red bands and hook in each of the four tines of the fork

Step 3: The Weaving

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  • Turn to one side, pull the red and white band that is on all four tines and go over the tines and drop it in middle
  • Turn the fork to the other side and repeat the same

Step 4: Step (^-^)

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  • Add 2 more white bands on the corner tines
  • See pic 2 , the arrows...... you need to take the bottom 2 bands on the corner tines and drop it in the middle
  • You need to do this on both corners and both sides of the fork

Step 5: Contd....

Picture of Contd....

  • See the first pic.... move the band from the middle 2 tines to respective corner tines..... repeat for both sides of the fork

Step 6: Contd....repeat of Step(^-^)

Picture of Contd....repeat of Step(^-^)

  • Add 2 white bands on the side tines
  • Repeat like Step (^-^) on both sides of the fork

Step 7: Adding the Next Color

Picture of Adding the Next Color

  • Take orange band and loop around center 2 tines on both the forks as in pic 1
  • Pull the red band and put it over to the center.... repeat on both sides of the fork
  • You now have orange on center 2 tines.... stretch it and loop it on all 4 tines
  • Repeat on other side of fork
  • Add a white band cross on all 4 tines
  • Add orange band on center 2 tines
  • Add 4 orange bands on each of the 4 tines
  • Repeat from the Step 3 :"Weaving step"

Step 8: Add More Colors

Picture of Add More Colors

  • Follow rainbow colors and repeat another set

Step 9: The Finishing

The finishing is kind of difficult to explain so I have added video...... sorry for the bad editing (first time with handling videos)

Hopefully this instructable was clear enough to follow. If u like it, please vote for me at the Rainbow Contest...... do give it a try and post your bracelets


DIY Hacks and How Tos (author)2016-06-11

Nice. I like the fact that you were able to make your own loom out of random household objects.

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