Rainbow Summer Scarf





Introduction: Rainbow Summer Scarf

This summer flaunt a colorful cotton scarf made using scrap pieces of embroidery floss.

Step 1: You Will Need

  • Cotton scarf
  • Embroidery threads (as many colors as you can find)
  • Needles
  • Scissors
  • General Stationery

Step 2: Make Reference Line

Draw lines on the fabric at equal distances (I marked mine about 1 inch apart). Make sure you make lines with a pencil or a medium that can be washed off.

Step 3: Arrange Color Sequence

If like me you are working with a ton of colors, arrange the colors in a sequence before starting to avoid confusion. Take a photo after you are happy with the placement for reference. As you can see I went with a VIBGYOR color scheme.

Step 4: Running Stitch

In this scarf I went for a number of embroidery patterns many of which are repeated.

The running stitch was the easiest and in my opinion the prettiest.

To complete one line:

Length of thread = Length of fabric

Step 5: Fern Stitch

Fern stitch is another easy stitch that follows three repetitive steps as shown.

To complete one line:

Length of thread = 6 x (Length of fabric)

Step 6: Vandyke Stitch

The Vandyke was the most complex stitch of them all. It required a few trial runs to perfect, but the result was worth it.

To complete one line:
Length of
thread = 5 x (Length of fabric)

Step 7: Cross Stitch

This is one of my favorite stitch. It is easy to do and turns out beautiful.

To complete one line:
Length of
thread = 4 x (Length of fabric)

Step 8: Chain Stitch

Chain stitch is an easy but complex looking stitch, that is quick to make.

To complete one line:
Length of
thread = 3 x (Length of fabric)

Step 9: Looped Running Stitch

I like this stitch as it gives the humble running stitch an easy makeover.

To complete one line:

For running

Length of thread = Length of fabric

For loop

Length of thread = 1.25 x (Length of fabric)

Step 10: Balloon Loop Stitch

This again an easy way to give a running stitch a new look.

To complete one line:
For running

Length of thread = Length of fabric

For loop

Length of thread = 4 x (Length of fabric)

Step 11: Crossed Running Stitch

This stitch was my favorite and a scarf covered entirely with this one stitch would look great.

To complete five lines:
Length of thread = 12 x (Length of fabric)

Step 12: Complete Design!

Here is what my complete design turned out like from the front and back.

Since I used scrap pieces of embroidery thread, I chose the design according to the length of the thread. I have included approximate amount of thread you will need to make each stitch.



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    This is such a fantastic idea. Wearable art. :D

    Wow! Such amazing results.. Well done and thanks for sharing.

    1 reply

    What a pretty scarf! I like the looped running stitch the best! Nice, clear instructions!

    1 reply

    Yeah I loved that one too :D

    Very nice tutorial for basic embroidery stitches, and a pretty, functional project! Thanks for the great idea and instructions.

    1 reply

    Gorgeous color combo! Nice explanations for designs too. :)

    1 reply

    I am glad you like it :)

    Beautiful work! I loved how you used such a variety of colors and patterns! Perfect for summer :)

    1 reply

    So pretty, and your pictures are so clear and easy to follow. Thanks for sharing your craft.....

    1 reply

    Thanks :D
    I am glad you like it :)

    This is beautiful & your directions & photos are great! I love the information on length of floss! Voted! Welcome to the community!

    1 reply

    Thanks :D
    I found it really useful to predetermine the length of floss required, hence included it. :)

    Nice. You took a plain scarf and made a great colorful design. You've got my vote.