Introduction: Rainbow Sun Catcher

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Lighten up your room with this easy DIY sun catcher!

Step 1: Materials You Will Need

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You will need: a oven safe mold of your choice, clear string, rainbow beads from any craft store, and a suction cup.

Step 2: Lets Start!

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Grab your mold and scatter your rainbow beads all over. And pat them down to make sure it's even.

Step 3: Lets Bake

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Set your oven to 400 degrees. And bake for 23 minutes .

Step 4:

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Now take it out of the oven and let it cool

Step 5:

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Now take it out of the pan and tie the string to the sun catcher. At the end of the string that is farthest away from the sun catcher tie a loop to go on the suction cup. Attach to the suction cup and hang on the window!


Doofus89 (author)2014-09-25

:D I love these, I made one a while back. they also work in silicon cupcake cases :D I made a star one

jmyers1 (author)2014-09-15

This looks fun, but how bad are the fumes?

Doofus89 (author)jmyers12014-09-25

They're quite bad but if you keep the kitchen door open and other doors closed to the rest of your house it'll be OK :)

newber_dan (author)2014-09-14

I think you should state in the instruct able that you mean 400 degrees in Fahrenheit temperature

bizzycrafter (author)newber_dan2014-09-14

These look great and would be a wonderful rainy Saturday craft. 400 degrees Celsius is 752 degrees Fahrenheit, which is hard to reach on a kitchen oven (though those burnt edges on my sister's cookies would indicate otherwise). But just in case someone were to try, you're right, it should be mentioned that at 400 degrees Celsius the beads would burn, the kitchen would be filled with toxic gasses, and the pan would be ruined.

MsSweetSatisfaction (author)2014-09-14

Ooo so pretty! Thanks for sharing!

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