Rainbow Trampoline ?? Using Only Pool Noodles




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Introduction: Rainbow Trampoline ?? Using Only Pool Noodles

Step 1: What Your Going to Need

Hi every one my name is liz ! My dad and i had a great idea to cut pool noodles and add color to my trampoline! So lets start with what your going to need.

Pool noodles - depending on how big your trampoline is, mine took about 20
Scissors - I prefer big scissors for this project

Step 2: Cutting the Noodles

Now your going to use your big scissors and cut all the pool noodles to your desired size.

Step 3: Placing the Noodles

Next your going to place the noodles on the trampoline. For example I put mine on the springs and the poles.

Step 4: Done !

Yay now you have completed your rainbow trampoline! I love this it add so much color to my old trampoline. Get creative and make patterns with the noodles . Thanks every one happy crafting bye !!!!!!!!!



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    This is great, it looks like a magical rainbow trampoline now! It's probably a bit safer now too :)